• Never put the early kick offs in your ACCA - If it loses you will be tempted to place the ACCA again and could lose double the amount.
  • Only place ACCAS with money you can afford to lose - Placing ACCAS is meant to be fun and when the fun stops then stop.
  • Don't get carried away if you win - One of the biggest mistakes people make is to start placing more money on their ACCAS when they win. They then lose more than they won in the first place and also get into the habit of placing more money on each ACCA. 
  • Do not trust any guaranteed or 100% sure messages. These are definitely not true and if they were true, they wouldn't be spreading it over the internet. 
  • Set limits on your accounts - You can set deposit limits on your accounts. This means you can set a maximum you want to deposit a day, week or month. It is good to have in place for a couple of reasons. It will stop you depositing the wrong amount if you accidentally add a zero. It will also stop you depositing more than you are comfortable with. If you do start trying to deposit more than your limits then you may need to visit begambleaware.org
  • Dont place any ACCAS when you are drunk - Drink and ACCAS don't go well together and will only end in losses.
  • Don't put teams in your ACCAS that don't need to win. If it is a friendly or a team has already won the league, they don't need to win, so they might not try to.

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